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Business Strategy Coach for
Sustainable & Balanced Growth

Working with ambitious start-ups to established businesses 
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Hi, I'm Mari 

Feeling organised and in control makes me happy. It means that I can do more in less time and have more leisure time to do the things I love. I’m always looking for new ways to do something more efficiently or just better.


Being and feeling organised is a thread that has followed me through my working life.  Initially, I qualified as a teacher. And for those of you with a teaching background, you’ll understand the pressure of staying on top of all the admin and bureaucracy involved in education.


More recently I’ve been a virtual assistant, helping small business owners to manage and take care of their office admin and in many cases, their sales and marketing. I help the business owner create a calm and sustainable way of working, allowing them time and resources to develop their business further while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.  Juggling multiple clients and multiple tasks is where I really learned to hone my efficiency methodology.


My career path also includes being an events manager for just over 10 years offering logistical solutions for large events and music festivals as well as the coordination of private events and weddings.


If any of that resonates with you and you’d like to find out more about how we can work together, please book a free consultation with me. 


I look forward to meeting you 

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“Mari has completely organised and structured every aspect of my business, allowing me to just create my products. I cannot recommend Mari highly enough. She is an absolute godsend. I am always impressed by her efficiency and calmness"

Barbara McAteer - Josies Botanicals - Dublin
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