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The Mari Method - Business Productivity Package

One-one Coaching Package 

For Ambitious Start-ups to Established Businesses 

In just 60 days we will produce your individual, structured and strategic plan that will enable you to move towards more effective business productivity and having your ideal healthy work-life balance!

Not only will we assess and explore what improvements we can put in place in terms of structure and planning, but we will also look at what software or online automation tools we can implement during our time working together 

All this for a VERY short time one purchase at just £895!!!

Payment plan available 

Is it for me? 

Are you an established business that is experiencing growing pains? Are looking to recruit, outsource to a VA, or develop that new part of your business, but you just cannot visualise how you will find the time to do this?

Are you lost in knowing what software and online automation tools are best suited for you & your business that will will save you time and money? Would you like experienced advice and support to source, implement and learn how to maintain them? 

Are you an ambitious new business that wants to start off on your best foot in terms of planning, structure & time management?

Is the prospect of how you will have the time to play the role of the business owner, the practitioner, the administrator and the marketing department of your new business a little overwhelming?

Are you a parent who's trying to make your new or established business fit in with your families lifestyle?​

If you answered yes to ANY of these
The Mari Method Productivity Package is for you! 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Nail that perfect work-life balance 

Fall back in and stay in LOVE with your business 

What is it? How does it work? 

Feeling organised and in control makes me happy. It means that I can do more in less time and have more leisure time to do the things I love. I’m always looking for new ways to do something more efficiently or just better.


Being and feeling organised is a thread that has followed me through my working life.  Initially, I qualified as a teacher. And for those of you with a teaching background, you’ll understand the pressure of staying on top of all the admin and bureaucracy involved in education.

Untitled design (45).jpg

Hi I'm Mari, 

More recently I’ve been a virtual assistant, helping small business owners to manage and take care of their office admin and in many cases, their sales and marketing. I help the business owner create a calm and sustainable way of working, allowing them time and resources to develop their business further while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.  Juggling multiple clients and multiple tasks is where I really learned to hone my efficiency methodology.


My career path also includes being an events manager for just over 10 years offering logistical solutions for large events and music festivals as well as the coordination of private events and weddings.

Still a little unsure and would like to meet me first? 

No problem at all, book in for a complimentary, no obligation chat..... 



A working week thats aligned with your ideal lifestyle 

Having the time carved out every day to just do YOU

Having the time, resource and energy to escalate your business to the next level 

Having the tools in place so the majority of your business admin is automated 

A REAL feeling of calm and being in control of your business 

Over the course of 60 days, we will work together to first assess your current ways of working, planning and structuring.


We will work together to create an individual, structured and strategic plan, that is aligned with your business vision, mission and goals.


Helping you move towards more effective business productivity while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Working with Mari I have made Soo many Changes!

Eleanor Chaney

Artist & Creative Coach - Cumbria

Key outcomes of the package..........

  • Assess  
We will look at the way you currently work, where you would like to see improvements, and I will create an assessment that will give you a number of ways your can make small changes to create a big impact on your productivity.  
  • Discovery  

Together we will explore ways you can make small and achievable changes to have BIG impact on your business productivity.  We will make a plan how best to implement these both during our time together, as well as setting you up with the tools to maintain these improvements. 

  • Vision  

To ensure we create plan that is aligned with you and your lifestyle, we will revisit your original vision and mission you had when you started your business, as well as looking at what your desired goals and wishes are for both immediate and long term.  

  • Roadmapping

We will mind map together all the activity, tasks and resources you will need to complete and put in place to achieve your goals. We will plan how best to prioritise these and create realistic timescales. 

  • Time Management

We will also look at your working week and how best to structure the time you have available, creating you a structured week plan that will enable you to stay on track, accountable and ensure you get the time away from your business that you need and desire.

I'm currently working with this brilliant woman and her method is AMAZING!!!

It's like an all over life and business plan and there is no way I could enter this year without her support. She works holistically and is super sharp and super on it.... which is super helpful for a wild creative crazy lady like me

Already planned out launches and structure and embedded time for my personal needs like study, exercise, rest....



Check her out she is brilliant!!

Untitled design (57) (2) (1).jpg

Awena Naomie Ella - Gloucestershire U.K.

Certified mBIT & Transformational Success Coach

As well as a more streamlined business that's aligned with you and your lifestyle 
You also get.......

  • Eight weekly one-one sessions with me via Zoom each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • A business productivity audit and assessment with suggestions for improvements and support in implementing these​​

  • Your individual annual, monthly and weekly plans working towards your chosen business goals, uploaded onto a planning software or resource that you are comfortable using

  • A bespoke structured week plan that will enable you to stay on track, accountable and ensure you get the time off you need

  • A PDF of all our brainstorming sessions linked to your planners for easy access

  • A recording of all the Zoom meetings to refer back to

What is the investment? 

 🌟10 hours of one-one Business Strategy Coaching (value £1250) 

 🌟In depth business structure and planning audit and assessment  (value £475)  

 🌟A personal business strategy plan created on Asana, that fully aligned with your own goals (value £695)  

 🌟Implementation of online automation tools chosen to suit you & your business needs  (value £795)  

 🌟Personalised "Around the Clock" week plan to keep your on track and accountable  (value £275)  

 🌟All of this for just £1295!!     🌟£895 

Payment plan available 

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