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The Online Business Audit 

Full clarity on EXACTLY what steps to take to transform your business and grow with success 

If you ever felt stagnant and stuck in your business, struggling to see the end in sight, wanting to get to a place where you have complete clarity...


The online business audit will leave you knowing the EXACT steps to take and prioritise for a smooth journey to sustainable success.  

You have an established business with big dreams of scaling with success..... 


Only to find you are stuck and wading through treacle, struggling to move forward towards your goals

Well my friend you are in the right place! 

The Big Common Mistakes

The big common mistakes I see when a business owner tries to scale without first doing the groundwork to see where the gaps are get a clear plan and strategy in place


But not you….. You’ve landed here, because you're smarter than that!  

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A world where you have no longer feel overwhelmed with the journey to achieving your goals 

What it would feel like to have a clear and fully achievable plan and structure all laid out for you to follow 


A world where you NAIL your launches and scale with success without any stress 

The Online Business Audit 

Full clarity on EXACTLY what steps to take to transform your business & NAIL your goals

Not only do we explore where the gaps are with the 4 KEY PILLARS of business...


We also check-in with MINDSET and what potential ENERGY BLOCKS may be holding you back. 

You will leave the audit with an actionable plan detailing exactly what steps to take to reach those goals you've been DREAMING OF! 

What makes this different from other audits....

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“Mari's skill and competence is really making a difference to my businesses and enabling me to finally move forward.”

What you get with The Online Audit 

60 Minute zoom (& recording) - During which I will go through a series of questions with you to peel back the layers and identify your gaps that are essential to your growth


An Audit of the 4 main business pillars - Research, Strategy, Marketing & Operations

Also a check-in with mindset to see what potential energy blocks may be holding you back


A report detailing our findings and the specific areas that need urgent or an essential update, so you can clearly see how to prioritise these 

Hi I''m Mari 

I'm a certified online business consultant and tech expert that turns female online business owner chaos into calm as I take them from frustrated, overwhelmed and alone in their business to a place of clarity, joy, fully in control and ready to launch & scale.


I work with the client holistically to implement strategic, balanced and sustainable structures and systems that will save their business time and money. I do this through supporting the business owner to step outside their business and look at more efficient ways to manage and structure.


I have supported a number of businesses to implement structures, systems and processes that have helped them achieve their business goals all while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

I have experience with working with neurodivergent clients and I am flexible and accessible in my approach, with the clients needs and the way they work at the heart of everything I do.  


Mari Ryan

Certified Online Business Coach | Online Business Manager | Tech Consultant 

Founder of The Mari Method & Bite Sized Admin 

You are an online business owner who is ready for more, but just can't see for looking what’s getting in your way  

You want the eyes of a skilled, experienced and certified online business strategy expert shedding light and clarity on the steps to take to really nail your goals 

You are ready for MORE clarity, alignment, growth and abundance!

This Audit is for you if...

Why audit your business now? Can you afford to wait? 

Let's just imagine we fast forward one year and nothing’s changed?

Can you afford that?  Do you WANT that?

Right now you might be thinking, well I can just look at where the gaps are myself and sort it without any help.  


Hummm….. Well if that's the case wouldn’t you have done this already? 


Often it takes someone outside to really see what's going on inside your business, as the owner of the business we often can see the gaps for looking. 


Spend just 1 hour with me and get the clarity and the right way forward you need! 

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Awena McCormack 

I've already planned out launches and structure and embedded time for my personal needs like study, exercise, rest....



Suzee Tylee

Mari shone a light on how efficiently I could run my business AND support my work life balance

The world needs to know the sophisticated techniques this talented coach has evolved and created .

You could stay where you are, but didn’t we all take the plunge of starting our own businesses to be the superhero of what we love to do? 

Do you still want to be trudging through the treacle in 2024? 

Are you READY for YOUR bespoke plan on what steps to take to nail those goals?

Are you ready to jump out of the treacle and on to your aligned path? 

Book your Audit now - £96 

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